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Journal Entry: Fri Mar 6, 2015, 6:09 AM
  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: Panic Pit, Dream Team
  • Reading: Mah Journal
  • Watching: Twitter Feeds
  • Playing: Mario And Luigi Dream Team
  • Eating: Nothing, ATM
  • Drinking: None
Note: Simple Plot idea for a different story.

Ricky, Rachel, Beth and Ipkiss, are tasked to defeat a nightmarish version of Toontown, where the nightmares Infected both the cogs and the toons. Belle quickly follows to their aid. The team convinces the Cogs and Toons to work together.

Characters and Roles:

--------------------------------------------The Good Guys----------------------------------------
Ricky: The toontown Guru, and Supporter Toon (Toon Name: Snowy Toon Species: Horse)
Rachel: Female Version of ricky, yet a Lure and Trap Toon (Toon Name: Icicle Toon Species: Horse)
Beth: Twin Sister of Ricky, Prefers drop gags.  (Toon Name: Beth Toon Species: Cat)
Ipkiss: OC of Beth, Can use ANY gag. (Toon Name: Ipkiss Toon Species: Rabbit)
Bella: Follows after them. Only can use Squirt, Sound, Throw, Lure, and Toon Up. Can summon SOS Toons. Can get the cogs and toons to work together. (Toon Name: Belle Species: Mouse)
---------------------------------------------The Bad Guys-----------------------------------------

Dark Ricky: The evil, Nightmarish clone of Ricky. Smart, but not Too smart.
The Shadow: The Nightmare Clone of Rachel. Silent.
The Anniahlator: Extremely Dangerous Clone of Beth. Very fast.
Infected Cogs: Has more Health than a normal Cog. May Infect Toons. Cannot be cured.
Infected Toons: Deals more damage to toons than to cogs. May infect. Can be cured.
---------------------------------------------The Backgrounders------------------------------------
Flippy: The mayor of toontown! He keeps things in check in the playgrounds.
The Chairman: The leader of the cogs, Working with the toons?! Impossible!
Toon Elites: The best toontown players. They get Infected.
--------------------------------------------The First Chapter-------------------------------------
-----------------------------------------1: The Shortcoming Of Toontown---------------------------
This night ended off normally, and it was several hours into the night, when suddenly, without any warning, I get a strange dream. Nightmares have invaded a familiar dimension. One of his favorite dimensions. I wake up with a start, not even bothering with getting dressed, with an loud and audiable "OH SHIT!" He rushed down the hall to go check the monitor readings on toontown. Strangely, his dream was a unfortunate Reality. "BETH! RACHEL! BELLA! IPKISSS!!!!!" I yell, my voice has every ounce of seriousness in it.
The others, Beth, Rachel, Ipkiss, and Bella all rush to ricky's side when he called, next to the monitor. Beth was holding a bat, Rachel a frying pan, Ipkiss a Rubber chicken, and bella, a (To be decided)
Nightmares in Toontown: Pilot Chapter
Pilot only so far.
OC's Owners
Changelings are awesome.

And sometimes..
wake up.
Draw something.
Scrap it.
Think for a moment.
Go roleplay.
Play Videogames.
Roleplay again.
Repeat cycle.
  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: Panic Pit, Dream Team
  • Reading: Mah Journal
  • Watching: Twitter Feeds
  • Playing: Mario And Luigi Dream Team
  • Eating: Nothing, ATM
  • Drinking: None


Journal Entry: Fri Mar 6, 2015, 6:09 AM
  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: Panic Pit, Dream Team
  • Reading: Mah Journal
  • Watching: Twitter Feeds
  • Playing: Mario And Luigi Dream Team
  • Eating: Nothing, ATM
  • Drinking: None


Sharp Dressed Men by AlexisRoyce

Daaayyyumm!!! This is the best, so far! Style: Is Fucking Badass! Originality: Same as style! Technique: Chuck norris approved! Impact:...

Bakery by MabelleArt

Vision: I can obviously see a great job, but i felt it was missing something. Originality: I have done this before, on my old account, ...


Richard Eakman
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United States
Used to be sabres814lovespie.
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I have a hatred for Art theives. I love MLP:FiM
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--------Things I am Doing For Friends---------
CCgonzo12 : Ponification of 3 OC's (Salem and Asunta, Already Did Cici)
LucarioShirona : Ponification of 3 OC's (Waiting for information or full list.)
KupoGames : Free Promotional Comission, for EBF4 Official steam release, Mini OCs of Natz, Matt, Anna, and Lance.
I Heart CCgonzo12 Stamp by PacFan13
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Digital (Non Animated) : 1(On weekend, Rarely)-25 :points:
Digital (Animated) :no: [Cannot Do Animated Sprays, Sorry.]
Traditional (Non Animated) : FREE(On Weekends)-10 :points:
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??? :points: During Weekdays
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Human to ponies, are dependant on the person, and if they are on the list of youtubers, they will be for less amount of points than others. I will try and put my unique spin on them.

Refund Clause:

If, I havent started the work, PLEASE READ MY DEVIANT ID. If your name IS up there, I have started your work, and you are not elegable for a refund.

If you arent up there, and i havent responded in 30 days tops, You must note me, asking for your points back.
If you are in fact up there, and a blue bullet is by your name, I will need a reference image :)
Also, If, after a month, your points return if there is NO REFERENCE.
If you provide a reference via a note, I start work.
If i respond to your request, saying you were denied, your points will be refunded in full.

If i have posted your commission, and you ask for a refund, you will not recieve your points back, and will be most likely denied, blocked, or asked to see this widget.

I will most likely not reject your request for a commission.

People who i watch, get a 25% discount, As long as they aren't blocked or removed.
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Donations, are welcome.
Refund clause is currently in FULL force, and will never be removed.

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Beth used Double poke

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